Posted by: Brenda | March 9, 2012

Day 5: Fun, Self-Respect and Crochet

This morning was all about movement. We had a 7am community stretch class where we each picked our favorite stretches and led the class on it. After breakfast, there was an upper body strength class, and some of things we did included rowing with a dyna-band, bicep curls and lateral raises. Near the end they made us count our own repetitions, which reinforced that we won’t always have an instructor. The upper body class was followed by cardio, and I chose the option to go for a walk outside. It was nice to get into an activity that I used to enjoy a lot, but after about 30 minutes my left leg really started to hurt, so I had to come back in.

After lunch was another stress management to teach assertiveness skills. I learned that as stress, illness and tiredness increase, our self-care decreases, but at each moment you have the possibility to step in again. We were also encourage to write down statements starting with “I can respect myself by _.” Some of mine were:

  • I can respect myself by repeating affirmations
  • I can respect myself by listening to my body
  • I can respect myself by giving myself permission to walk away from a stressful situation (even if only to gather my thoughts and breath)

Right before dinner, a bunch of us went up to the exercise room and the ladies got on fitballs with hand weights and sat like they were riding motorcycles. I snapped several photos and one of the ladies here is going to have someone photoshop a road in, so it looks like we’re on the open road! I will post the photos once I get home and have my own computer, but it was so much fun.

After dinner this evening we went to a local shop called 6 Loose Ladies for a Beginner’s Crochet class. I learned to crochet several years ago, but have not done so for a long time. I thought the opportunity would be great to get back into a hobby that fell by the wayside. I bought a couple skeins of yarn and plan on making a toddler blanket for my sister’s 3 year-old son.



  1. I love you statements! Now, don’t forget them!!!
    Glad to see you are picking up an old hobby again, Adrian will be happy!.

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