Posted by: Brenda | March 13, 2012

Day 9: Inner Voices

We started the day with exercise as usual, getting the lower body workout in right after breakfast. Our 3rd class of the day was on listening to your inner voice. So few women do this in a positive light (myself included). One thing that will stick with me is: “You have to be in charge of your thinking, instead of your thinking being in charge of you.” We learned five ways to create space for ourselves and they are:

  1. Environmental boundary (creating a place of your own – whether it’s a room, or just a chair with a pile of your favorite novels next to it)
  2. Breathe
  3. Take two steps back (in your mind) to distance yourself from the reactive response and two steps up (in your mind) to give you perspective
  4. Go to the bathroom – give yourself permission to leave
  5. Meditation/Mindful Practice (even if it’s just once a week)

This afternoon we had another class on feeding the seven hungers (those are: eye, nose, mouth, stomach, cellular, mind and heart). We went over ways to feed each type of hunger (such as incense or flowers for nose hunger). One thing that seems like common sense is to check in with your body before looking a menu when dining out.

This evening we had a class on whole grains and learned that refined grains lose 11 vitamins and minerals during processing, but only 5 are added back in. So any foods containing “enriched” ingredients means the nutrients were removed and only a few put back. Eating a variety of whole grains is better for you. I may try some new grains when I get back home. I know one thing we’ve had here was a Millet cake (which really needed some flavor). I’d never even heard of Millet before coming here.

A good resource to learn about grains is the Whole Grains Council. We had one resource recommended for recipes: Whole Foods.



  1. YES! Whole wheat/grains are so much better, and your body takes more time to digest which equals less time for it to break down into sugar. The taste and texture is different but you will get used to it!!!!

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