Posted by: Brenda | March 20, 2012

Day 16: Connecting to Your Heart

Today was less about exercise and more about how we see ourselves. Our first lecture was on connecting with your heart. We learned that connecting to your heart is really just showing kindness to yourself; something I almost never do. We were given several journal-writing suggestions:

  1. One line journal (only writing one sentence)
  2. Write questions in your dominant hand and answer in your non-dominant hand (doesn’t work for those that are ambidextrous)
  3. Drawing/Doodling
  4. Mind Mapping (creating a spider web of things about you: work, movement/exercise, things to recharge your battery, etc.)

After lunch, we had a class on how we see ourselves and our bodies. I took several things away from this class. Number one is “change the way you see, not the way you look,” meaning you can’t change feelings, but you can change how you think about yourself. One other resounding message that has been repeated frequently while I’ve been here is that no food is “bad” or “off-limits,” it’s what you say to yourself afterwards. I think 10+ years of the diet mentality that foods are “good” and “bad” is going to be hard to break.



  1. Any set habit will be hard, but the more you work on it, the easier it will get!!!

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