Posted by: Brenda | March 23, 2012

Day 19: Exercise Plateaus and a Cookie Jar

This morning we had a really informative class on how to avoid exercise plateaus. We went over how high weight and low reps will build size and strength (think body builders) and low weight with high reps will build shape and strength (think your average person). I also found out that Pilates is considered strength training (I always thought is was felxibility). We learned that if you’re using a cardio machine (like an elliptical or treadmill) that interval training is your best bet. An example of a treadmill interval would be (total time: 29-32 mins):

  1. Walk 4-7 mins at 2.7 mph and a 1% incline
  2. Stretch
  3. Walk 5 mins at 2.9 mph and a 2% incline
  4. Walk 5 mins at 3.1 mph and a 0% incline
  5. Walk 5 mins at 3.0 mph and a 1% incline
  6. Walk 5 mins at 2.8 mph and a 3% incline
  7. Walk 5 mins at 3.2 mph and a 0% incline

A good rule of thumb if you want to design you’re own interval is if you’re increasing the speed, decrease the incline and vice versa. If there’s no variety you end up with the “training effect.” In other words, you’re stuck at a plateau.

We had a class this afternoon on creating a “cookie jar” (not a real one). We took a look at different emotions that might drive us to eating and came up with alternatives for those particular emotions that effect us the most. For example, some of the alternatives I listed for boredom are cross-stitch, write for 10 minutes, and plan a weekend day trip. I color-coded my little strips of paper and wrote down a key, so I don’t forget what color goes to what emotion. I have orange for loneliness, white for overwhelmed, yellow for boredom, etc. I think my cookie jar is going to be a huge help to me once I get home.



  1. I love the idea of the cookie jar, It will really help put things into perspective!

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