Posted by: Brenda | March 27, 2012

Day 23: Focus on the Self

The first lecture of the day was on strategies for the minute (mi-noot) minute (min-ute). Several of the strategies we’d covered in previous lectures, such as putting energy into relationships that matter to fill you up. We also went over how if you’re always waiting for the “change,” it’s always in the future (i.e. When I lose 10 pounds…). We covered acknowledging our own needs and not always putting everyone and everything else first. The one thing we covered that was new, was to respond instead of react. Reaction is mindless, familiar and knee-jerking. Responding is a moment-to-moment choice that allows you to create space, pause and allows you to give yourself permission to take your time.

The second lecture I attended today was on body positivity and messages from the past. The first thing we covered is how we as women (and a society) equate thinness with being healthy, even though that’s not always the case. One way I learned to move towards body neutrality when criticizing my body is to ask myself “What has my body done for me today?” The answer can be as simple as getting out of bed, or reaching the top shelf in the grocery store. We also went over how there is always going to be someone ahead of us on the path, and always someone behind us. Finally, we did an exercise to describe our bodies at various stages of our lives, events/experiences and the impact they have had on our current thinking/behaviors.

Our final class of the day was on eating in restaurants and how to create balanced meals while dining out. We went over 3 ways that we can change our current patterns:

  1. Cooking frequency – even if it’s only 1 night a week
  2. Quantity – cut the entrée dish in half and take the 2nd half home for another meal
  3. Balance – Add more vegetables or removing a starch

One other thing we discussed was having a “closure” habit to let your brain know your done. Something such as having a piece of gum, brushing your teeth when you get home or even having a couple of individually wrapped chocolates (like Hershey’s Kisses or Lindt truffles). We also learned that if we really want a specific dessert, we can frame our meal around it by just adding protein and vegetables (like a chicken salad).


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